About OIPMA (Ontario Integrated Pest Management Asscociation)

Quoting Gord Miller, "the power of the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) comes not from the Environmental Commissioner, but from the people of Ontario, using their rights under the EBR to ensure that government decisions reflect their environment values."

The establishment of the OIPMA, (formerly called OPPAA and interchangeably called OIPMA at this site), was made possible by a new environmental statute introduced and passed by the Bob Rae government in 1994 called the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR). You may access here the related EBR legislation.   The OIPMA, than called the Ontario Professional Pesticide Applicators Association (OPPAA), was established in the fall of 1995. This came about after Ontarians elected a new government headed  by than Premier Mike Harris, who introduced new MOE policies and Statutes to eliminate red tape, (see archived Red Tape Commission). Introduced by the government was MOE privatization of educational services, and enhanced stakeholder rights to a transparent, honest and open Ministry consultation process, and to have that say much earlier in an industry pre-EBR consultation process. The OIPMA at the invitation of the government has since October 28, 1995 provided knowledgeably representation on behalf of Ontario's independent small business professional IPM applicators and operators.

In 2006 the Standards Development Branch of the Ministry of the Environment representing the people of Ontario updated its educational commitment and Memorandum of Understanding protocols in regards to the Pesticide Technician Program (PTP) with the industry's two councils (PIRC and PIC).

The Pesticide Industry Regulatory Council (PIRC) administers and delivers the MOE approved PTP through the OIPMA.

The independent IPM industry and its older Landscape licenced members are encouraged to participate in our unique 'live'' toll free support PTP and IPM Accreditation programs to meet current and future regulatory requirements under the Pesticides Act .  OIPMA members subscribe to the PIRC and IPM-EHC Council of Ontario Memberships Sustainable Development and IPM Policy Code of Ethics .